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Taillight Lens Frosted

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Just go to your local auto parts store and purchase a headlight lens restoration kit. They are inexpensive and it’s easy to obtain like new results  

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I've used this on headlights of several of our cars, bikes, quads, and rzr's.  I would think it would work on tail lights as well.



If the tail lights are frosting up because of moisture getting inside the housing, you'll likely have to replace the entire fixture.

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If frosting is on INSIDE, REPLACE.  Get the DOT Number.  Order a DOT certified replacement.  It MUST have a DOT number.  The cheap knockoff’s fail quickly.

if there is a HAZE on the outside then the headlight kit will work.  An alternative is OFF insect repellent….the one with a high DEET content.  Spray a little on a terry cloth wash cloth or spray on the lens.  Wipe QUICKLY.  The DEET acts a plasticizer solvent and the haze will disappear.  You may need to use Scratch X -2 by Mcguire’s to polish and remove streaks.  Then a few coats of wax or spray with Aerospace 303.

There was a great discussion recently about why purchasing a NON DOT approved cheap taillight is not cost effective. Good reading….



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