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09 knight Leveling

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I have been told so many things about leveling so looking for the consensus of how people level there coach with the LCI system.The way I do it is I drop the air pressure to below 60psi and then auto level the question I have do you bring the air pressure up to 120 or leave it below 60 after it’s level been told many different things 


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The first most important thing you should do is Consult The Owners Manual for the proper procedure that is recommended in the manual. That will keep you out of trouble.

Always consult/review the owners manual First.

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52 minutes ago, David Pratt said:

The first most important thing you should do is Consult The Owners Manual for the proper procedure that is recommended in the manual. That will keep you out of trouble.

Always consult/review the owners manual First.

Rick, David’s advice is something that we, the staff are going to concentrate on.  I pulled your manual, before I commented.  Go to page 103 and 218.  See the screen shots below.

This is always a “point of discussions” and we have had some heated debates and some members sometimes get carried away as they take a hardline position…and are “not professional”  and VERY brash and opinionated…. So, here is my take on it,

When you drive onto a site, Monaco ASSUMES you have just arrived and the air suspension is at FULL (say 110 PSI….and that the Tanks are “full”, in that the compressor is not running and the air governor (actually the dryer” has popped off…WHOOSH.  They ALSO assume you have driven from the HQ to your site and the TRAVEL mode is engaged and you are at TRAVEL HEIGHT….  SO, on page 103….extend the slides….at TRAVEL height.  The logic…the MH was built on a LEVEL pad…at TRAVEL Height…and the slides were installed and adjusted.  Raise, lower, twist, bend the frame and body….there may be an iss

Then after following page 103 & Extending extend the slides…..GO TO page 218.  DROP THE AIR to < 60 PSI.  Some folks totally drop it….then LEVEL.  Some folks choose manual.  Many of us with air leveling will do it manually…Leaving….Retract the Jacks….allow the Air tanks to fill.  Many of our more experienced members…especially those with NO jacks but full air leveling, will push the TRVEL button….wait until it levels…..then retract the slides….

HERE is where it gets tricky and Monaco chose NOT to wade into murky water.  Travel height is defined as “trucking down the highway”.  OK…to have a tech or yourself check or adjust that….  Find a dead level site….or pad.  Drive on.  Drop or dump all the air tanks.  Then….turn on engine….push the TRAVEL button and it will “air up” and you will be at “travel height.  BUT….if you have full air and press, at least on my Valid, the Travel….it doesn’t respond.

In your case….simple….drive to the site…extend the slide….drop your tanks to below 60.  Use the hydraulic to level….BUT if you have DROPPED the air to zero…then turn on the engine….push TRAVEL…and let the system “air up and level” at TRAVEL, then retract the slides

Bottom line….follow the book.  But be aware of really funky sites…sometimes you need to keep a corner level….

Hope this helps….now let the “BUTTTTT comments might commence”.  Be civil folks….LOL.



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The following is from your Owners Manual on Page 218-219:

When you follow the Prior to Leveling procedure you are dumping all the air from the suspension in the coach.

Your leveling System is Hydraulic and is independent of the chassis air system and does not need the Chassis Air System for the coach to remain level.

Follow the Jack Retract procedure on page 220 to return the coach to travel mode. The coach will automatically air up.

Prior to Leveling
1. Chassis battery voltage must be at least 12 Volts DC.
2. Park the motor-home on solid, level ground. If the motor-home is parked on an excessive slope, the motor-home must be moved to a solid,     level surface before the leveling system is deployed.
3. Apply the park brake.
4. Place the gear selector in Neutral.
5. Lower the air suspension by stepping on the brake several times until system air pressure is below 60 psi.

6. With the ignition on, push and hold the Air Dump switch to lower the suspension. This reduces the amount the jack will need to extend before making contact with the surface.
7. Be sure all people and pets are clear of the motor-home while the leveling system is in operation.

Automatic Leveling Procedure:
Follow the instructions in Prior to Leveling.
1. Start the engine. The engine must be running for the leveling system to operate.
2.Place the gear selector in Neutral.
3. Apply the park brake.
4.Press the ON/OFF button on control pad. The system is now operational and the electronic leveling lights will become active.

5. Check to see that the ENGAGE PARK BRAKE light is not flashing on the control panel. If ENGAGE PARK BRAKE is flashing engage the park
6. Push the AUTO button to begin leveling.
After starting the automatic leveling cycle it is very important not to move around in the motor-home until the unit is level and the green LCI logo light illuminates in the center of the touch pad. Failure to remain still during the leveling cycle could affect the performance of the leveling system.
The green LCI logo light will illuminate when the motor-home is level.
If further adjustments are necessary, push and hold the MAN button for approximately 5 seconds until the light under this button is illuminated.

8. Push the appropriate leveling leg button to override the system and the level the motor-home.
9. Turn off the system using on ON/OFF button on the control pad.
10. Turn off the ignition switch.
DO NOT lift all the wheels off the
ground to level the motor-home.
Lifting all wheels of the ground may
result in serious personal injury or

Jack Retract Procedure:
1. Ensure the park brake is set.
2. The gear selector is in Neutral.
3.The engine must be running.
4.Press the ON/OFF button on control pad to turn the system on.
5.Push the RETRACT ALL JACKS button. All jacks will automatically return to fully retracted position.
When all jacks return to full retract position the JACKS DOWN light will go out.
6. Push the ON/OFF button to turn system off


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