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Neptune (Cayman) Fresh Water Tank Leak


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A few days after filling my fresh water tank, water started to pool on the floor of the wet bay.  I don't see any water leaking from the three connections to the tank (fill, drain, and gravity fill) that are visible in the wet bay.  The overflow connection is not visible, but I assume it is not leaking, since the tank only about 90% full.   So, maybe I have a hairline crack in the tank.  

Has anyone removed the fresh water tank from a Neptune or Cayman?  Any tips on how to remove it?  Mine sits below the black and grey tanks. 
Steve K, San Diego, CA
2008 HR Neptune 35

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Sorry I can not help with your question about removing the tank.  But I would think about draining the tank in 10% increments to see when the leaks stops.  This should tell you approximately at what height the leak is at.  And then go from there.  

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