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Operating the Hydraulic Slide in Cold Weather

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Has anyone experienced any issues Operating the Hydraulic Slide in Cold Weather? 

We we closing up the RV because we were leaving for a couple weeks. As I tried to bring in the Living room slide the hydraulic motor ran but no movement on the slide. I let off on the switch and the slide moved and inch or so inward. I had to repeat this process several times until the slide was all the way in.

The temp outside was around 26-30 deg F, I can't remember exactly. I did not have time to check the hydraulic fluid level before leaving. BTW, where is it located, near the pump (under passenger seat/front steps area).

As I understand it, the fluid used is like Dexron III AT fluid, correct?

Anyone else experience this?

Thanks in Advance,


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If you decide to service the system at some point, it’s a good time to change the system fluid, if you do this consider going to TranSynd 668, same fluid as you might/should have in the transmission and reduces the number of fluids that you need to carry in your vehicle. Jmo.

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