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I Want My MTV... Uh, I mean Monacoers' Newsletters!

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If you're not receiving newsletters for some reason, or if you ever want to go back and look at older newsletters (no need to keep them in your inbox since they are archived on the site.), the following information may help:

This link will always take you to the current Newsletter:


If you scroll to the bottom of that page, there is a link to the last 4-5 newsletters, and button (link) to View All Newsletters.  Here is a link to the archive of all newsletters back to the beginning of the current Monacoers.org site:


Still working on that archive of the old Yahoo! site (I have the database), but haven't found a way to convert that database to something that's friendly with our current provider.  If you ever want me to look something up, I do take special requests...

Hope that helps!


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