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How do I delete a post


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I saw this an had a moment. Years ago my favorite forums sold out to a corporation who was buying up forums for the advertising $$$ and peoples info.


Anyway, I went to delete a post and found out I couldn’t. They didn’t allow it anymore. I assume it was there to keep whatever info profile they had on you for targeted ads in place. Needless to say I left the forum and had to request that they delete all info they had on me. Was a weird experience for sure 

Lets hope we stay local here, so thanks for the hard work that people put in to keep this independent 

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On 1/28/2024 at 10:39 AM, Kent Madison said:

After replacing the two solenoids that run the tag axle lift dump valves and stopping the error message on the Valid leveling system the wipers started working again. Could the bad solenoid coils have been putting to much load on the CCM and causing the wipers to not work?


8 hours ago, Kenster said:

I inadvertently double posted my post. How do I delete one of my posts?

I removed the duplicate post.  Members do have a small window to edit posts (up to 5 hours) after posting to correct edits or to delete the post.  Beyond that timeframe a moderator must do it for you.

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