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Storage bay's doors rust

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Good time of the day everyone

Please see pic attached. Mine have developed some rust at hinge of the storage bay doors. Any advise as of how to prevent further problems. Please don't look at the dirt, I promise I will wash it as soon as good weather arrive here in Canada.

Thanks in advance



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where is a pictures?
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It may not be the hinges that are rusting but the screws holding the hinges on (and beltline screws).  On my 2003 the hinges are stainless and don't rust.  The screws on mine actually disintegrated and I had to remove the beltline to fix the problem.  There's a video on the Monacoer's video channel that describes the process.

https://www.youtube.com/@Monacoers-kx1zb/videos and go to the 'Videos' tab

- bob

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It may also be chemicals leaching from the side walls and deposited by water leaking.  That is what happen to me in my rear electrical bays.  I noticed this happening but didn't put two and two together until I had a delamination area.  I did my best to fix but it was an extensive project and probably not worth it. 

In my case I ultimately found the cause of the leak, there was a bulge or hump where the rear cap was mated to the roof.  The belt molding is attached to the side of the coach and there was a pretty good gap here that was initially sealed at the factory but with driving and flexing over time the sealant failed and allowed water to intrude and ultimately cause the delamination.  Most of the screws that held the aluminum extrusion onto the side of the coach were rusted off.  

So you need to look everywhere.  Here is a picture of the "hump" in the fiberglass  under the belt molding, easy to see with belt molding off. 



Belt mold.jpg

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