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Roadmaster BrakePro Repairs

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Has anyone repaired the BrakePro? I would if I could but I really have not been able to figure out what all the pieces are inside the unit and how they work together. Do you know of a shop that might repair these? I have two but neither works:

   - One applies the brakes correctly but in the process totally exhausts ALL of the air, just as if I pressed the "Push or Air Relief" button. 

   The other properly applies the brakes but when I release the pedal it repeatedly  repplies the brakes for short bursts (about three times).

I've dry-lubed various points inside and checked for leaks (found none).No improvement or change in symptoms.

Do these sound like circuit board problems of check valve problems? If none of the above pan out, does anyone have a working portable braking system they want to sell?

Thank you for your help,



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