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Replacement motor for door awning

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Hello All!

We have a 2007 Dynasty palace iii. Had the coach into a shop having a variety of repairs and maintenance taken care of. 
Our door awning doesn’t work. They diagnosed a bad motor, but don’t recommend replacing awning as removing current awning and replacing will leave a spot in the paint showing that would need touching up. They are trying to find a replacement motor, but apparently they are hard to come by. Does anyone know where we can come up with a replacement motor that would  work? 

I’ve attached a photo of our awning to help with identification. 

thanks for your help!!


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your best bet is to contact Lippert/Girard and get them to "chase down" the Parts List....which you appear to have.  Then see if they sell a replacement motor. 

If your Motor looks like the one in the video, it is a "Power Window" motor.

I doubt you find a cross reference to a NAPA motor or such... but if you keep searching, SOMEONE has found one... 

I tried googling your model and PN...  Lippert needs to sort this out and give you the current replacement.  

You CAN call Lippert and ask for PARTS.  They are the greatest...and then they might give you the CURRENT Number...

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On 3/12/2024 at 10:04 PM, Wilwag said:

Updating… pulled out manual and it says Girard G1500 door awning. Motor part #9700140-00. Not finding much info on it. 

Girard has their manuals on line. That does not look like a Girard door awning. Looks like Carefree to me.

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