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The last time I had the oil changed in my coach, I remember them putting in 28 quarts of oil. My owners manual say it should be 24 quarts. I was checking all my levels in preparation for an upcoming trip, and found the oil level high. I had noticed there appears to be a fitting that the dipstick is attached to and it moves in and out of the dipstick tube, I measured the level with it pushed all the way in, which would give me the highest reading. I’ve driven the coach several thousand miles like this and haven’t seen any adverse issues.

Whats y’alls thoughts on this, should I leave it alone or drain some out?

Thanks, Dennis

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My 'theory' is overfilled oil pan fouls the crankcase breather filter.

When I replaced mine at about 52,000mi, it was very clean. 

Others have pulled theirs out dripping in oil, with 'check engine lamps' on for high crankcase pressure.

This is just 'my' theory for why this happens to some.

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Went out today to get the real “overfill”, marked the dipstick level then wiped it clean to see the level makings, it’s about 1/2” above the full mark, my guess is about 1 1/2 qts over, if the dipstick is accurate.

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