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The saga on my Capa pump continues. 
Some may know I tracked down a leak on the back Of the pump. I was able to get just the distributor, and saved a whole pump. 

Unfortunately, the mechanic was inept and ended up with a $4000 bill to fix. I told him exact what todo. He tried several different ways to access the pump, and ended up doing it the way I told him. 

He had the coach 4 Months, which caused us to miss a trip and had to take our truck instead, but which resulted in our accident.

Now back on the road, nervous, with a new toad, and lo and behold, the snubber assembly on the accumulator is puking fuel everywhere. Here in a rest area 70 miles from home. I have tools and got the snubber out, looks like he forgot to put in the seal disc if I’m looking at it right. 

Cummins has 1 in their whole system, on order. Coachnet is rounding up a tow home. 

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It really sucks when you pay good money to a mechanic and that happens. I've had a couple small(not so costly) things happen where I paid for something that was done wrong or not at all and that was a shop where I knew the owner. Now I have a mobile guy if I can't do it by myself or just want the extra set of hands and eyes. He's priced right and we work pretty good together. 

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I feel your pain on that one.  I  was using our 2000 Diplomat to move across country and we broke down in Gallup NM. And the shop broke it off in my pocket.I  bought the pump for 6400. With core charges and sent it to him and he said 2500 for installation. It ended up being 5700. He claimed he had 33 hrs in it .sad to say I had to pay it.

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spent the night, ordered the part yesterday with no arrival date provided or known.

wrecker arrived at noon, by the time he got to our house, we kenworth called and said part was in. 

Quick degrease and wash, swapped the snubbers. 

From what I can wrap my head around after reading install from Cummins, the Mech over tightened the snubber. It’s 10lbs then 80 degrees then 5 degrees. That was new one for me, I’m sure someone can explain it better.

Back in the road in the morning. She purrs. I did notice when I picked it up from him it had a lope to it. I figured from sitting but no know sucking air 



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