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Steps will not retract

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My steps are stuck open. The 25 amp fuse had blown, when replaced it blows instantly. I have not had any issue with the steps prior. 

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Disconnect the connector underneath at the steps and see if the fuse still blows.  That will eliminate a lot of possibilities . . . .or identify the problem is upstream.

- bob

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I agree, a bare wire, a loose plug-in connector.  

A cautionary note:  I just replaced the controller,  at an RV Repairman’s diagnoses, HOWEVER, it blew the fuse again after the new controller

was installed.  A burnt spot on the plug in connector to the controller on the coach side was the culprit.  Guess what, no refund on the newly installed Controller that  I did not need, ALSO, no break on RV Repairman’s Fees, he said, “Would have never found the bad connector without replacing the Controller”.

  I told him “ Give me the old controller there is apparently nothing wrong with it”.   Trail and error method,  as opposed to testing connections to assure the Controller was getting volts it needed.

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