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Circuit board for shades

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The circuit is on the prints.  I do NOT think that there is a "Circuit Board".  It is strictly switches... and two relays...  The prints we have on FILE are the PITS....blame Monaco.  However, the shades are pretty much universal.  The best print is from a 2003 Dynasty.  I have downloaded it and included it.  

You MIGHT want o download the Dynasty prints....YES...you have a LOT of different stuff.  BUT, the common items are the same and the Dynasty prints actually show SCHEMATICS and not "plugs and harnesses.

Here is the file.  LOOK at the index that someone prepared.  Page 99 shows the one that I have pulled before.  That is how it works...  The logic is a bit contorted (memory), It MAY involve switching Grounds... a COMMON practice with Monaco.  But, if you sit down and start to follow it...it makes sense.

Here is the Dynasty file...  and the printout of page 99


Dual Shades Circuit - Dynasty...and probably OTHERS - Circa 2003.pdf

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What is wrong with you shades?   Mine are made by Colorado

When both of ours quit working we found a blown fuse.

The the passenger side would not work.  Took it down and found the small motor failed.  I actually think my wife put something on the passenger side console where the switch was and it was pressing the shade switch.  When I took the shade apart the motor got so hot that it melted the plastic end. 

I ended up replacing the small motor, found on on Amazon that would work, slightly smaller but has the same mounting and speed. 

Sun Visor comparison.jpg

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