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Opinions on slide topper install and torsion spring

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Our 2013 Diplomat 43DFT has a driver side full wall slide out. Its 25'. In a very bad wind/gale this past week, the roller bar with is 2 bars connected with a "splice" bent and pulled the topper apart. Never have seen this before but I have installed toppers before. My question is this. 

When I have installed new bars ( no tension yet) and slide topper, I added the topper material to the bar with the slide closed. I rolled up the topper on the roll bar completely and then put it in the brackets. Then I added the tension to the torsion spring. Seemed to work ok but my question is does it make a difference if I add the tension to the spring and lock it down, then with the slide OUT, add the topper and when done just release the holding pin. Seems like it would be easier to add the tension with the topper not on the roller bar. 

Thoughts please. 

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With the slide out there will be a LOT more tension on the spring.  That would make me nervous. 

When I swapped our topper I moved the slide out just enough to work with it, and inched the topper in both coach and roller grooves simultaneously . . . but I also locked the bar in place to keep the original tension.  Not an option in your case. 

I started over once when the bar broke (sheared at the pin) on a previous coach.  I don't remember how many revolutions of pre-tension it took (9 revs?), but it's probably different anyway. 

- bob

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Not sure what manufacturer you have but I would guess if you contact them with the info on yours, they will tell you how many wraps you need to put on the spring for a pre-load.  I have a CareFree and they have those specs available.  Everyone is different depending on the size.

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