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What's this switch for?

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Assuming you have thought of power hose reel, macerator, and tank levels indications...  or maybe the PO wired in an electric tank dump valve?  Or a manual control for fans in the refrigerator compartment (wired to the water bay to keep from having to remove the fridge vent/cover)? Is he/she available to ask?  I'm guessing probably not...  are all fuses intact?  Or possibly this circuit is fused inline?

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27 minutes ago, Jim Dinwiddie said:

I know it's not a battery but couldn't find a topic for switches. Found this switch in the wet bay. Any idea what it's for? 


Have you “tried it”.  There are a few switches in a Wet bay.  Based on the year, my first GUESS.  REMOTE WATER PUMP.  That is a spring loaded normally OFF switch.  Press it on and ir will then pop back to off.  Try that.  go inside and Turn OFF the water pump.  The PUMP LIGHT should be off.  Then go outside.  Push and hold for a second or so…is there a light on the box or go inside and look at any PUMP switch.  If now ON…BINGO.

IF YOU would read the label on it, post that. Blowing up the photo kills the resolution.

READ chapter 8 in the manual.  Usually all switches are detailed.  Read the chapter on water.  

90% of the “what is this and what does it do?” posts here are in the owners manuals.  Read and see if you find it…

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2 minutes ago, Jdw12345 said:

That switch on my coach is for the fresh water hose reel.

Bingo….  Now…help us out…is the second or what appears to be a “direction reversing” switch….which you have to push for the right direction?  Then, the top switch is spring loaded and is “POWER”.

In the manual, Monaco had an illustration….but the power reel hose was on the Service panel.  THINGS HAPPEN and Monaco made assembly wiring changes based on parts availability….


@Jim Dinwiddie

Please experiment and then post how yours works

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Sorry guess I needed to add more info. It's not the hose or power cord reels, water pump or Sanicon. It's inside the water manifold compartment, the print on the switch is 4 AMPS. turning it on and off doesn't do anything that can be heard.  There's nothing in section 8 identify or even showing it.

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This is the circuit protection for the power hose reel. Sometimes when activating the reel the lower switch pops exposing a white band. To reset the circuit, both "switches" must be depressed simultaneously until the the lower switch locks.

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