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Living room slide out driver side

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The living room slide won’t go out. All of the other 3 plus’s the generator slide work on the hydraulic system with the normal speed and sound of the pump. When I try to put out the main or living room one it makes a loud screeching sound from the pump.  The inside locks are not retracting so the slide could move.     I’ve looked and can not find where their might be a fuse for the locks  I have a power gear controlled with a valid air ride system so I assume it’s a power gear hydraulic pump also but not sure

2008 holiday rambler imperial 43 ft

mike Phillips 

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ODDS ARE….HWH.  Pump is located at or under or behind the front door.  Same as a Dynasty.  @Frank McElroy is the source.  PM him.  He has helped others.

He knows more about the Imperial/Dynasty electrical system than anyone I know. He is also well versed on the HWH syatem. He has a 2008 Dynasty.

NOW….the Trinidad did NOT come with a full wall slide. Those have a separate and standalone Hydraulic pump.

There may be fuses for the slide locks or there may be mini breakers….the kind that you have to manually reset.

You can download the prints and start looking….PM Frank, though….he usually watches his emails….

Odds are the slide locks are or maybe comtroled by Intellitec CPU MPX sustem.  I’d look on the decal or layout in the closet where the Modules are.  There is a plethora of 10 amp fuses.  Each module can have up to 10 circuits and there is a fuse for each one.  You KNOW that the slide control (signal) to the motor works…what you don’t know….what triggers or sends a signal to the locks to release…

Start there and then search the prints….there is one for the slides and it shows what also happens….



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Put WIRING in the upper right search box.  Then click on everywhere.  Choose files.  SEARCH.

there are two sets of Dynasty print.  ODDS ARE…you do NOT have the CCM or the Chassis Mutiplex.  Really doesn’t matter as this is s HOUSE issue. Download the regular one.

There is a 4 page PDF with all the drawings listed.  Look in the HOUSE and find the slides or hydraulic or whatever.  Then you will know which print(s) to look at.

That’s it…

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Here's the LINK...


Read the note.  There is a complete set of FILES on the the link... THAT is what you want.  If you were stranded and wanted to only download on particular file, then you would use the DOWNLOAD THIS FILE option.  The 4 Page Index is there.  THEN, you go there and find WHICH file you need...  THEN you would scroll down and pick that file.

The Dynasty Schematics - 279 pages....link (when you click above) gives you ALL of them...as well as the 4 page PDF index...

Good Luck.

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49 minutes ago, Mike T Phillips said:

Thanks for the link.  Still could not find a fuse for the slide out locks  I guess going to the shop on Tuesday 

thanks again

Google is your friend.

use this as a search…

2008 dynasty slideout locks

several IRV2 links.  Also use Slideout Lock Dynasty and select Topics.

If you can get to them…and this is from a guy with NONE….then see if there is any debris or other junk there.  Also, have you lubricated the pivot points.  Use WD-40 to flush it.  If the locks are sluggish or “not moving”, that may well be the issue.

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Here is a diagram of the solenoid valves that work each slide out.  You want to loosen the DS front extend valve release nut no more than 4 turns, then run the pump.  But first, check the solenoid connections by removing the bin under the second step inside the coach to gain access to the slide hydraulic pump and 8 solenoids.  A loose solenoid connection is a common problem. 

Also check the Intellitec house multiplex panel in your bedroom closet cabinet when the slide out keypad is pressed to be sure the LED lights for the DS front slide out to be sure that a fuse to operate to slide extend solenoid hasn't blown.

Room Slide Solenoid Valve Location.jpg

BTW, there are no fuses for the DS front slide locks.  They are a passive mechanical mechanism that mechanically release when the slide extends and they are mechanically set to hold the top of the slide against the coach wall when the slide is fully retracted.

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unfortunately none of the offered suggestions have worked 

the best the tech can figure out  is the 9 pin wire connection has failed.  unfortunately we can’t find it. if you ren a wire from the switch to the solenoid it goes out fine.  it comes in fine.    we have aprox 40 hours in tracing this problem with no relults.  so we are going to just run a new wire down the inside of the wall


mike phillips 

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