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no power to all 3 slides, checked all 12 connections to slide out controller. cannot locate a wiring diagram any help would be welcomed.

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If you have them they will be plungers with a couple wires going to them on near the top of the cargo bay doors. If a wire comes off the slide controller thinks the door is open. On mine the jacks won't work either if it happens.



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It's possible you don't have. I'm not familiar with your unit so can't really help anymore but I'm sure a few will chime in where to look for the CB. My guess if you have a front bay on the drivers side with electrical it will be in there.

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Can you post a picture of your slide controller?

My slide controller has a small 5 amp fuse and also has a ~20 amp self resetting circuit breaker.  About every 3 years the small fuse will blow, replace it and all is good.

Last time I had a problem with my slides I checked everything I normally would check.  Kept blowing the small fuse.  Finally unplugged the wiring harness and used a meter to check each wire to ground.  Finally found a wire that was shorted to ground, it was for the safety switches under the door.  So I checked them, the door that is for my fuel and propane had a bad inhibitor switch, it basically fell apart and the wire was touching the metal. 

The inhibitor switch it is a Cole Hears 9269 and is shown on the attached parts page.


The slides are also protected by a neutral relay, there is a fuse in my front run bay for this circuit >>> Slide out disable relay.  On my slide controller board there are relays, one is for the ignition disable. 

1 Slide out inhibitor switch.pdf

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41 minutes ago, darrenclegg@comcast.net said:


Look on page 8-252 of your owner's manual.  FUSE 15, which is a 15 Amp fuse powers the slide switches.  That has to be OK for signals or control power to get to the Slide Control Board.

The slide control board, due to the higher amperage motors has it OWN power input.  SO, no power from the switches....NO WORK...

Assuming the interlocks and safety circuit is FUNCTIONAL.

Could NOT find your exact year in our prints....but did find this....for the 2004...  This is PROBABLY what yours looks like.  The BOARD may look a little different, but the control circuitry to the board, both the INPUT signals (switches) and the safety (parking brake and bay doors) is the same.



2004 Diplomat Endeavor Knight Ambassador SLIDE CONTROL.pdf

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Is your ignition OFF, park brake set

Do you have a volt meter. 

My slide controller is located in my passenger side rear electrical bay near the salesman solenoid.  My slide controller is different then yours but it probably gets its power from a post on the salesman solenoid.  Should be a large red wire going to the main harness.  Make sure you have power going to the board. 

Check the fuses closely.  Use an ohm meter to check the auto reset circuit breaker.  Check fuse in front drivers side electrical bay>>>slide disable

Not sure the function of each of the relays your control board.  On mine one is the ign disable relay. 

Attached is the labeling for mine, NOTE when you open it the picture will be blurry  use CTRL & 5 buttons and it will clear up.  If none of the slides are working it might be the ignition disable relay. 

2002_Windsor_wiring_diagrams Slide out control relay.pdf

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We have had a number of issues with the baggage door switches which look like the pic below.  Available at different places but we got ours from Amazon.


Screenshot 2024-06-08 092804.png

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