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Ceiling fold Down tv mount

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2000 and up era Signatures and some Beaver products came with fold down ceiling screens that might be retrofitted.  I recently removed the original TV and was able to fit a 50 inch perfectly.  Its not 70 but its very nice.

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      Thanks for everyone’s help on the ceiling fold down 📺 mount.   Staples sells an electric one with remote that is good up to 66 lbs.  and 55” size $179.    From their pics  With tv in viewing position it it is several inches down from the ceiling so size shouldn’t be a problem.    I bought the Black Friday wallyworld special for $299.    It is a 65” and only weighs 50 Lbs.       

      I would like some advice on attaching it to the ceiling and ideas on safety straps to secure it when stored against the ceiling.     

Steve  573-216-0252

07 Endeavor 40’sft  93 Chevy 4x4  Honda st1100 & Suzuki gsxs 1000

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I can't get to my motorhome right now to photograph it but here is an article Vito wrote about changing the original 37 inch tv for a 50 inch; in the photos you can see the ceiling mounted apparatus. You might find a unit from a wrecker?  The housing would hide any ceiling material removed to make it work.



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