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Guys i have a 99 Diplomat it always had a few loose tiles in the bathroom around the toilet. We used it for a small camping trip and noticed the floor seems spongy and the toilet seems to be sinking. No leaks presenting, no leaks externally i have no idea how i am going to fix this. Anyone else experience this. Also keeps tripping GFI on electric only. 

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Most likely the wax seal between the toilet n toilet waste pipe has been leaking thus totting the plywood sub floor. Or the flush water valve or hose is also leaking under the toilets base shroud, if u have one?

Toilet should he removed ans sub floor inspected if rotted the remove clean area replace sub floor n new tile or another type of floor material, replace toilet water valve n flush parts ( do not know the brand or model  or general condition of yours) or replace it. You will be proud sitting on n in your new throne!😁

JD looks like FUN!

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On my  toilet it was almost impossible to tighten the water line going to the toilet.  I finally bought a wire braided hose with the correct ends from Lowes.  Now I put a loop in it and attache the hose before I set the toilet back in place. 

With a soft floor that is flexing about the only way to fix is tear it out.   Fix it right the first time so I'd tear it out until you get to good wood.  If the soft spot goes under a wall it might extend into the next room.   If any area isn't completely gone you might get by with using a wood hardener, Lowes/Home Depot carry this product. 

My coach had two layers of 5/8" chip OSB type plywood.  Once water gets it the OSB pretty much crumbles.  I had to replace a 4'X6' piece behind the passenger seat.  Cut it out to good wood and used a 3/4" piece of treated plywood that I painted with an exterior primer.  I used splice plates underneath to mate old/new, screwed up from the bottom and then just ground off the part that penetrated the old floor, this firmed everything up.  I then found an exteriror siding of the correct thickness to make up the difference, this was very dense. 

I then laid new LVP except in the kitchen and bath area, turned into a pretty big job but decided to bite the bullet and try and do it right.  Here's a thread showing what I did.  


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