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Keyless Entry Short

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As always, I want to start by thanking everyone here for continuing to keep me from going absolutely CRAZY when facing some of the issues with our coaches.

I do realize that this topic has come up many times, and I've read hours of posts on both this site and the other one associated with our RV obsession. However, I can't find the solution to my problem, so I am back asking for your help and patience again. You were very helpful last year when I had to rewire the ECU to chassis connector on my rig so I'm hoping someone out there has some great insight into my current problem, which is:

I replaced the Essex keypad on my coach when I bought it in December of 2021 and it has faithfully locked and unlocked my main door and all my bay doors since then. Until last week. Then it started blowing the p/s act and d/s act 15-amp fuses in the FRB. After reading all the posts, I unhooked the solenoid wires on all bay doors. Still blows the p/s act and d/s act fuses when I type in my 5-digit unlock code. Using a 12-volt battery, I checked the function of the main door actuator and it operates freely in both directions (reversing the polarity to change from lock to unlock, etc.). Based on more reading, I took the dash apart and under the radio area I found four big 5-pin relays. Assuming these were the actuator relays, I removed them one-at-a-time and bench tested them - all seem fine (NC shorted without power & NO infinite, NO shorted with +12VDC applied & NC infinite, etc.). I also removed all four at once and typed in my 5-digit unlock code and blew the fuses again, so these four relays are apparently not related to the lock/unlock function. I do not find any relays located in the FRB, other than the ones that are soldered onto the Intellitec PCB#1 (73-00835), which has the labels for the lock/unlock actuators. I took out this board and checked all connectors, looked for bad solder joints, etc. but find nothing obviously wrong. Do these boards go bad? How would I test it? Is there somewhere else I should be looking for the relays? I obviously have a short somewhere, but don't know where to look next. Please advise.
Thanks very much!

P.S. - The coach hasn't been moved in over a month - just been sitting at the side of my house hooked up to 30 amp outlet (to keep batteries topped up).

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I have the optional "Viper" security system on my coach and I have located the main module for it (in the rat's nest behind the instrument panel). I have never tried to use the system because I don't have any working key fobs for it. However, I did try to trace the wires from it to the actuator relays but had no luck as the wires all go into a huge bundle and drop through the floor into the FRB. No sign of any removable/replaceable relays. I'm still wondering if on my coach this function is controlled by the PCB#1 board. It has relays on it and labels that indicate it is involved with lock/unlock functions and p/s & d/s actuators. I just don't have any idea how I would test it or any of the components on it. I'm very hesitant to start unsoldering components to test them without knowing if the output from the board is even bad.

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