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Trekmate Security/Anti-Hijack System

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This is my first posting to this group, I have only had my coach for a couple months and am trying to upgrade some things before we even start to go anywhere. I purchased a really nice 1996 Monaco Dynasty and am concerned that maybe I'm the only one in the country that has a coach that old!! As I've discovered - technical information is virtually impossible to get it seems. Monaco obviously did a very poor job documenting build specs., and I would venture to say there are no two coaches out there that are exactly alike (I even have a lot of wiring that is just cut and doesn't go anywhere). I do have a pouch with information in it but it's only sales type documentation and not of very much use. I would like to note that I definitely appreciate those who have shown enough concern for others to contribute to this forum though...I don't know where you could get much more info.!!

My problem is, it's gotten to when I start my coach, it starts and then dies immediately, I can't keep it running. The generator starts and runs OK but will not assist in starting the coach.

I'm concerned that maybe it's the Trekmate Security/Anti-Theft System??? I have tried re-setting it. I was wondering if anyone has any clue to how the system is wired?



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Hey Gregg,  I've got you beat.  Mine is a 1995 Dynasty.  I'd check the fuel filters, simple stuff first.  Biodiesel in my area is awful for having all kinds of junk in it that clogs up the filters.   I've never heard of that security system so no help on that.  Let me know if you have questions...  I've become pretty familiar with most everything on mine over the years.  HaHa. 


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On 7/26/2020 at 6:51 AM, Jeff H said:


Is that picture behind the wet bay panel?  I assumed the panel on my 06 Diplomat will have to come out which looks like a bit of a chore.


Its on the passenger side.

i have tge Trimec security system on my 99

It has nothing to do with starting and running the coach.

On mine


Dont confuse Monaco systems with Cummins or whatever your powered by, or your chassis systems overall.


Have you had a big truck, Diesel mechanical service yet.

To explain the system to you.

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Monaco did lots of documentation but just has back to 2000 on their website. You might call The current Monaco and ask them if the 96 material is archived. I have a 2001 38-ft Dynasty and have the Dynasty book, complete wiring diagrams, and booklets on all the installed coach equipment. Would be glad to help any way I can with a specific issue. Agree with the above comment about getting a diesel mechanic to see what is causing the starting problem and go over the chassis with you. If it has been well taken care of, the ‘96 should give you years of great service. Dynasty’s in those years were really well built.

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