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  1. One additional piece of info. The part number for the board that corresponds to the penguin 2 model 651816CXX1CO is P/N 3312227.000.
  2. I installed 8 Lifeline 6v AGM batteries in 2013 and they are still going. We do dry camping while traveling and have stayed at an occasional primitive camp ground. I do equalization randomly. I would do this again since there is really no maintenance and I have not seen any corrosion.
  3. Thanks for all the info I did find the control board behind the front thermostat. It was in a false wall in a cupboard in the kitchen area. I took the metal box out that had most of the wires cut off since there is no AC unit to go to and replaced the circuit with one just like the existing one in the new AC unit, which I had on hand. I did not notice the false panel at first due to the hinge placement and the location of the screws on the door. The unit is up and running and I now have two zones on the rear AC/heatpump area. I had checked all areas in the zone two which were the fal
  4. Thanks for the guess but I did remove that wall and no board just the back of the thermostat and the electrical switches located in that area. The size of the box is good information. I am still hunting.
  5. Thanks for the response. That is the story I have picked up but the real question is where they hid the board. The false wall section behind the thermostat has the data cable headed up toward the ceiling. The next area I am thinking about is where the actual temperature sensor is located, which is on the other side of the room at the bottom of a vanity cabinet. I well report back on my findings.
  6. I have talked with 2 Dometic techs with no help they said it was Aqua Hots problem. Aqua Hot says it gets its signal from Dometic. It just seems odd that none of the drawings show where the control is wired into. I put the CCC2 in to modernize verses continue with the 5 button.
  7. I did replace the front unit with a new Penguin 2 along with the thermostat and it works fine. The rear is the issue it does not recognize the 2nd zone. The coach has 3 heating zones. The rear thermostat controls 2 of the zones and the front thermostat controls one of the zones. I have set the rear dip switches in 3 different configurations and it makes no difference. Dometic seems to think there is another circuit board somewhere. If there is I can't find it.
  8. I have a 05 40' PDQ Navigator with two ac/heat pump units and an Aqua hot heating system. I have replaced the rear AC unit with the new Penguin 2 unit and installed the new CCC2 thermostat. The unit powered up and showed me zone 1 only. The duo therm system had two zones, one for the bedroom and one for the bath area. The ac/ heat pump, since ducted is fine but now I have no way to turn on the bath area Aqua Hot unit. I have removed the false wall section behind the thermostat in the bath room and did not find anything except the line that goes to the thermostat and then up to the ro
  9. Good choice. The article says that the Trace Zantrex SW series inverter looks at the AGM as a lead acid battery not gel battery. I have 8 life line battery's in mine now going on the 8th year and we do a far mount of dry camping. I have mine set on the lead acid as per the manual Paul 2005 Navigator
  10. The trace engineering 3K full sign wave inverter with revision 4.01 looks at the AGM as a lead acid battery. If you have the units owner manual it is on page 100. It gives a very nice definition of battery types and how to set the inverter.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Do you have to remove the unit to rebuild or can it be done in place? If you have to remove what would the procedure be? I can see the top of the unit but not sure what is involved for safety precaution in removal.
  12. I have a ruptured tag axel lift cylinder diaphragm on my 40' "S" roadmaster chassis. Wondering if any one has removed and repaired one. What did it take to remove the unit? I have seen u-tubes on the replace of the diaphragm, which looks quite easy. If someone knows of a u-tube or instruction that would be helpful I have searched and not been successful. Paul
  13. Hello Steven what is the condition of the seals around the doors for the fridge portion? Paul
  14. I had a noisy generator and it turned out to be worn out motor mounts. The tech at Onan told me if the oil drain is below the case at all the mounts are worn sending excess vibration through the housing. Swapping out the mounts in mine made a huge difference.
  15. The CG&J radiator does look good. When I went through their shop they do build copper and brass radiators but I don't know if it is just specific ones or not. Their labor rate is more competitive the out West. Question Paul How did you lower that beast of a radiator assembly. When mine was done they used a fork lift.
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