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Transfer Switch Problem


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I have an issue with my auto transfer switch. It will not close in on shore power. I checked the voltage at the pedestal and at the incoming lugs of the normal power breaker in the switch. Both show 120 volts line to neutral but nothing on the load side of the breaker. I can run the genset and have power but when I shut it down I have no shore power. Any suggestions?


’15 Dynasty 

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It could be a latching relay in the transfer switch box will require testing with a volt/ohm meter.

If shore power is present  the coil on the power relay closes contacts sending voltage to the Inverter and the fuse box. There is a power relay for the generator it wont latch if shore power is present. Or it could the reverse, 

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It could be as simple as a contact needing a little polishing which may be able to be done without having to do anything more than removing the cover. Just slide the edge of a cotton tee-shirt back and forth between the relay contacts: quick and simple, maybe avoiding more time and work.

Bob Dinsmore 2000 Diplomat

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