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Low air audible alarm

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Anyone know where to find the low air audible alarm mine is working intermediately but the dash idiot light works at the right pressures all the time. I thought it was behind the dash, took top access cover of and looked thru the spaghetti for a square or round speaker type box and found none.  Hoping it just came loose.  I have a  2003 dynasty If anyone can help I'd like to know where it is, what it looks like and when they start to go do they go like that and last but not least do they share the same switch with the idiot light?


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When I first got the coach the Low Air audible alarm would drive me crazy until the air pressure reached 80 psi. After a number of years the audible alarm became intermittent from 0 psi to 80 psi. I thought thank you Lord! It has remained that way and doesn't bother me for one nano-second. It comes on as soon as I turn on the ignition key and start the engine but a few seconds later it goes off and on until it hits the 80 psi mark. That's when both the Low Air dash light and the audible alarm go off.

Some people say that by cleaning the puck sensor contacts on the front air tank would help the situation but I did that with mine a very long time ago with very little change.

I don't think finding the alarm itself will help as I believe it is something else contributing to the intermittency.

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Roy, our buzzer is just loosely laying in between bundles of wires behind the dash gauge panel. It looks like the one in the pic and has multiple sources connected. It had worked intermittently because the connections were loose and I only fixed it to pass a DMV airbrake test. Annoying but I suppose important too. 


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