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Is there a Check List for Engines?

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We have a 500 Cummins on our 2009 Dynasty 45’. I know there are other size Cummins too. Is there a yearly checklist (cheat sheet) for filters that need to be changed out for each of these engines? And part numbers? I’m guessing most of it is mileage based? And then changing oil...what are the oil capacities of the engines? 

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I would suggest you join the Cummins Quickserve site.  https://quickserve.cummins.com/info/index.html  

Once you register and put in your engine SN you can do search for parts and maintenance documents.  I downloaded the complete maintenance manual for my engine.  I also have downloaded dozens of drawings with parts breakdown for different components or systems.   As I read different forums and see different issues pop up I will go to the Cummins site and retrieve and save the information for future reference. 

If you have the original documentation that came with  your coach there should be an engine service manual that lists items specific to the engine.  Other items will be specific to the chassis such as the air filter and air dryer since these were added by Monaco during build. 

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