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Monarch se engine compartment light

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My 2005 Monarch SE has an engine compartment light that turns off and on by a switch on the unit. No problem there. It also has a plastic knob that lets you rotate a round section next to the light. The light doesn’t rotate. What is this for? This is centrally located at the top of the engine compartment.


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On 9/20/2020 at 4:26 PM, ken.knutson100 said:

Mine in the engine compartment came loose and dragged on the ground and I didn’t notice it for about 2,000 miles! All that was left is the cord no light. I’d like to find a light but I’m guessing I have to get a whole replacement 

I remember these on Ford trucks a while back.  I think 1980's and/or 1990's.

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