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Used Coach Prices Go Up

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For those who maybe considering selling their coaches, now could be a good time. Wholesale prices have shot up considerably since April.

I subscribe to a lot of industry publications so I am always monitoring used coach prices and wanted to share his latest article which shows an increase in asking prices. It appears sellers are getting decent prices for their used coaches and dealers are paying more as well on trade ins. Some of the amazing deals I seen earlier in the pandemic are starting to become far and few between. This is not to say that you can list your coach at ridiculous prices and expect to get it but rather you can expect a better price then earlier in the year.

The lower end coaches and older coaches seem to be selling well and commanding decent prices while there appears to be some pricing pressures on the high end units. I believe some of this has to do with buyers having the funds to do cash deals on the lower end coaches versus scrambling to get financing on the higher end coaches.

I would caution you on using NADA blue book prices when pricing your coach. Just like the used car markets, values are set by what dealers are paying at auctions. If you look at this chart in this brief article you will see auction prices have gone up on motorhomes. This relates back to you expecting to get more money for a trade in or on an outright sale. Just remember there are a lot of factors involved in pricing - 1.) Mileage 2.) Condition of the coach 3.) Upgrades 4.) Tires and batteries 5.) Paint 6.) History with maintenance records, etc.

As for myself, while our coach is worth more today then in April we still are not planning on selling or upgrading. Our coach is paid off and I have no desire to reset the clock and start payments over again. The other factor is I know our coach inside and out and it has been an awesome coach for us giving us little problems. I am not going to roll the dice on buying a lemon or a headache. One other issue is that we may get a better price if we sell now but will pay more for another coach. It appears to be a wash. At this stage in our life we are looking at investing in appreciating assets not depreciating ones. 🙂

Here is the latest MH / Towable values based on recent auctions:   https://rv-pro.com/news/black-book-wholesale-rv-values-head-higher/?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200923 RVP ENEWS (1)&utm_content=&spMailingID=23844026&spUserID=NjE3MjYxMTUxOTYzS0&spJobID=1821454555&spReportId=MTgyMTQ1NDU1NQS2

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The same thing applies to the used pickup market.  Dealer's are begging for trade ins.  Used inventory in CA is limited to daily rental returns.

I decided to increase my towing capacity last Sunday while still staying with a 1500 series truck.  I traded in my '17 Ram EcoDiesel with 63,000 miles on it to my local dealer.  I got $1500 less than I paid new for the truck some 3 years earlier.  That is negligible depreciation.  And they still knocked $10,000 off the MSRP on my new Ram Laramie E-Torque Hemi. 

I was very surprised by the trade in offer.  It was far greater than I had expected.

Bruce LaHargoue 

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The used pickup market is nuts. Used trucks in good shape and with decent mileage are commanding huge bucks. If it is a diesel it is really bringing big bucks. I never buy new and always buy a one or two yr old vehicle. When I was looking for a new pickup 2 years ago I was floored over the used truck prices. Just so happened Ram had a big rebate program going at the time on the 2500 heavy duty trucks. Between that rebate plus a commercial vehicle rebate I ended up buying a new truck for almost the same as a used one. I believe the total rebate package came to $ 13,500.

21 hours ago, JDStew said:

Chris - Always fun to read your posts. Do you have a weekly podcast or other blog you maintain?

I have never considered a Podcast or blog. I have all the equipment to do a podcast but never considered doing one. I hope my wife doesn't read this. She will be all over me to do a Podcast. 🙂

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I have a 2001 Superduty 4x4 Diesel 6-Speed that's in near showroom condition.

Darn near everyone who comes into my shop tries to buy it. LOL  Even the county tax assessment has been going UP on it for years. SMH

It was my Dad's truck, and it's worth far more to me in sentimental value than anyone could ever pay, but it's interesting to see the value keep going up.

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