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Windshield Wipers

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Many Monaco coaches use windshield wiper systems from AM Equipment Company.  If you have questions call or email them; they are very helpful in finding the right parts for your coach.

AM Equipment
402 E Hazel St
Jefferson, OR 97352


email: info@amequipment.com 

Phone:  (541) 327-1546


They currently have a 10% off fall sale.  Use code: FALL2020

Good through Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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Monaco also used another company for some coaches including my 2007 Signature.  The "Monaco Kit #" label on the wiper motor is where to find it:

Diesel Equipment Company   Wiper Technologies

Wiper Technologies


Greensboro, NC

Label on my wiper motor: Monaco Kit # 09309035

Arm RA680-25RH   Torque to 35 FT Lbs. wait 45 minutes and retorque to 35 FT Lbs.

36” Blade BA900V  (V means vented blade)

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I stopped by Visone on our way to Florida.

They set me up with wiper arms, one broke this summer.

And new blades.

Now I have an extra arm to carry.

Just in case.

They serviced my engine and generator also.


Also privided warrenty work on our new 4 door Dometic fridge.

3 hours and We were on our way.

They think they have 2,000 salvage diesel pushers now.

Most are Monaco 






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