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Wireless Rear Camera System for Trailer

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Morning all.

Can anyone suggest a good long range wireless camera system for their motor home. We tow a 26ft Horse Trailer with a 43 foot motor home. I’d like to find something that would work well on the back of the trailer giving a good clear signal in the drivers seat. If multiple cameras are available we would put one in the horse trailer to monitor our additional passengers too.


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I went through trying many different wireless cameras from different vendors before finding one from TST aka Truck System Technologies that still wasn't great but it did help when hooking up my 30 foot cargo trailer to the rear of my 40 foot coach. That specific wireless camera would never be any good at the back of my trailer which would be 70 feet away. Plus TST no longer sells wireless cameras. Good luck in finding one that will go the distance.

The only way to have a clear crisp camera view is to have it hardwired. I did that specifically with four cameras, one at the rear, one on each side and one inside the cargo area. I used Ethernet cable plus two Balum adapters, one in the trailer and one in the coach. The Balum's are use to carry the signals of the four cameras over the four twisted wire pairs in the Ethernet cable. I also had a DVR recorder in the cabinet over the driver's dash and a 15 inch monitor hanging down from the front overhead cabinets to view all of the cameras.

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I tow our show trailer which is 30 ft from ball to rear bumper. I never found any wireless camera solution. Because I normally travel to rally's alone my biggest problem was dropping the trailer and then lining up on the ball when I was ready to leave. I ended up with two camera systems and 2 monitors. One camera is mounted high on the rear cap and the other is mounted half way in the center of the rear cap. One is tilted to give me a clear view across the trailer and the traffic behind me. The other points down towards the hitch helping me align the ball. It never fails, I get ready to leave a rally and there isn't anyone around to help me spot when I am hooking up the trailer.

All my horse friends who trailer their horses do it with pickup's. It is easy to get a wifi signal using a pickup. Once you hook a 40 ft coach to a trailer you wont pick up a signal 70 ft behind the monitor. If you find a solution please let me know. Thanks. Speaking of horses, I see a ride coming in my near future. I miss the horse life. 🙂

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