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Headlight problem


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2007 Monaco Signature  -  Headlight problem.

Light switch off.  Ignition OFF.  Both headlights ON.

Light switch off.  Ignition ON. Both headlight OFF.

Replaced Headlight switch.  No help.

Can’t tell what the Headlight Relay looks like or where it is.

Thanks in advance.

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Did this just start or was there something changed before this?  If a change was made, I'd start there.  

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Two other relays to check, one is called the DRL relay which is a Hamsar Relay (if indeed you have one) and the second is the relay which controls when you are allowed to use your Fog Lights. Both of those relay's in my coach are in the FRB under the driver's window.

The headlight relay if there is one is most likely in either the Monaco #1 or Monaco #2 box inside the main Fuse box. Those are located in the FRB in my coach.

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Your problem can be affected by 3 possible failures.

My first guess is it could be a failure of the DRL(Daylight Running Module). It is mounted in the FRB in the top to the left Gray in color and about 3"Lx1.5-2"Wx1.0" and has seven wires connected to it.It has a 9 wire connector about six inches from the DRL. Separate the connector and check to see if it corrects the problem. Ignition Off, Headlight s witch Off, headlights should be off and will only turn on with headlight switch.

In the FRB there is a Circuit Board (Board 16). It is located top center and has four relays on it. The bottom two relays are for the High beams only. The Low beams are controlled by the Smart wheel control and the DRL. On the Smart Wheel Control there is 7 connectors that plug into the Control.The one marked J12 top center has Four 12gauge white wires. This is the headlight connector, disconnect from the control  and with Ignition off, headlight switch off, the headlights should be off. The headlights will only come on when you turn them on with the headlight switch.

The third, but most unlikely would be the clock spring in the smart wheel.     

If you have your wiring schematic manual you will be able to find all these schematics in the manual to help you. The schematic numbers are;38040159, 38031541,

38031538, 38031591 and 38010689.                                     

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The low beams are still turned on by the headlight switch.

The VIP or Smart Wheel Controller that is located in the FRB in most coaches is controlled by the Smart Wheel Controls on the steering wheel.

When you start the coach, release the park brake and put the coach in gear the DRL(Daylight Running Light Module-if your coach is equipped) will turn on the low beams. When you stop and take the coach out of gear and apply the park brake the Low Beams are turned off.

When you turn your wipers on, the Smart Wheel Controller will turn on the headlights, clearance lights and taillights overriding the DRL. To turn the lights off you must turn the lights on with the headlight switch and turn the headlight switch off. Only the low beams will stay on now because they are controlled by the DRL.

The high beams are also controlled manually by pushing or pulling the Turn signal switch to activate them. The Smart Wheel Controller controls the high beams when you push the left upper button on the Smart Wheel to flash the high beams and it also will dim the low beams at the same time.

All the systems are interconnected through the Smart Wheel controller.

All of the above information is covered in you coach owners manual.

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