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Fuel Leak ISM

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Had a leak which began as seepage just barely noticeable.  Glad we got home before it went wild.  

There was a broken hose on the air tube feeding the compressor.  It must have let the metal part of the tube bounce or rub on the fuel line below it.

Inline image

Replaced the hose...  apparently the bouncing made a pinhole leak in the line below it so it was spraying fuel.

Inline image



Now my question is: With all the suel-spray and air from the engine compartment which went into the compressor, is there anything that should be checked for in the compressor to be sure it is still OK?

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Most air compressors on Cummins engines source their air from the intake. Given that the air is already boosted by the turbocharger, there is only a slim chance fuel would ever make it inside your compressor. I believe someone else already mentioned the air dryer. You could inspect the exhaust side dryer for fuel residue. 

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