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Freedom Combi Inverter/Charger Issue


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New to Class A (own a truck camper and a travel trailer) - I acquired a 2002 Monaco Knight from the owner of the company I work for.  It was stored inside and connected to a 50 amp service.  The four 6-volt deep cycle house batteries had been boiled dry.  I have replaced the four batteries but I need to determine if the 1500 watt inverter/charger is dropping into any maintenance mode after charging the batteries to capacity or is it malfunctioning.  Does anyone have a way to test to the output on the charger?  I am also open to replacing the combi unit if necessary.

I love these forums.  I built a 77 F150 4wd from the ground up using the FTE forum so I know how knowledgeable you guys are.

Thanks for your help.

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When you put new house batteries in, check their voltage before you connect them.   They’ll be around 6.2 v each.  Then, once installed let the combo do its thing for a couple of hours and check again.    If the batteries are still around 6.2V or so you’re fine.     It will be obvious if the charging loop on the combi is still wide open

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CapnDean - will do that when I get back down to my storage building this weekend.

Vito.a - I did download the manual and all settings appear correct but I will double check

ktloah - I have not found any display for the mode.  The panel does show the output from the charger and the state of the batteries.  It stays at the 1/2 charged place.  My electrician buddy says to check the location of the sensor wire that goes back to the Freedom and make sure it is on the correct battery in the bank of four.  I plan to check on that this weekend.  I am not leaving the power on to the unit when I am not there to check on it.

Thanks to all of you for the great suggestions.


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Checked the voltage on the 4 house batteries.  Low voltage was 6.77 and high voltage was 6.81.  The charger seemed to be working hard and all I had on in the unit was the interior lights - some of which have already been switched to led.  The voltage shown on the display in the back cabinet was 14.5 and the status continued to show the batteries at half-charge.

Does the charger also charge the chassis batteries when the engine is not running?

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