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Dash repair........

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Several months ago, a buddy and I removed the 1200 Norcold from my 2003 HR Endeavor, and installed a Frigadaire residential unit........ooooo how I wish I'd done it years earlier !! On the way out the front door, the Norcold in a final act of defiance, wacked the front dash. Not a ding that warrants professional attention, but one I'd like to try and repair. Dash is that "tan" color Monaco used for years on dashes. Lots of vinyl/leather repair kits out there, many with color kits included. Has anyone used one they liked well enough to recommend......or suggest I stay away from ? Appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Bob Barton

2003 Holiday Ramber Endeavor

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17 hours ago, Dwight Lindsey said:

I had it done by Fibernew:


I guess it's a franchise.  One of their people, apparently the owner of his location, came out and did a very nice job on the vinyl.  It was a long time ago, but as I recall it was not real expensive.


Thanks for the link. There is a dealer near me and I have sent them a message to see if they can help me. 

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