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Princess Gourmet 2277-1000 cooktop


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The igniters stopped working on my princess gourmet 2277-1000 propane cooktop.  I checked the fuses and they are good.  I can start it manually and it works fine.  I can’t figure out how to lift it up to check the wiring.  I am hesitant to pry on it since it is a glass top.  
Has anyone had any experience with these units? I’ve attached a photo of the unit and the parts list.
Dan D               
2012 Diplomat 43DFT 




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9 minutes ago, Vince Toscano said:

Hi Dan,

Have you checked underneath of the stove top for screws?  

I can’t get to the underneath part.  There is cabinetry around it and it sets into the countertop.  It looks like it will lift up, but like I said in the original post, I’m hesitant to try to pry on it.

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Dan, I have taken mine apart to do some deep cleaning. Do not pry on anything. It all comes apart very easily.

You can access the igniter from underneath once you have access to beneath the burners.

First, remove the two burner control knobs.

Second, remove everything from each burner all the way down to the circular recessed black metal holder which holds the burner grate in place.

Third, remove all of the screws you see in each of the black plates which then allows you to lift the plate up and off of the glass top.

I don.t remember if the glass plate actually is removable or not but you should have plenty of access to get to the igniters for replacement.

Any questions feel free to contact me for further advice.

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35 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

I just realized that what I am calling the black metal holder they are calling them "spill bowls".

Well, I got the knobs off and removed the screws, but the spill plates won’t budge.  Don’t know if there is some type of adhesive that is holding them to the glass surface. 


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9 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

Take a new sharp razor blade and run it around the outside of each spill bowl to see if you can break it free.


That did the trick!  Those plates did have what looked like black silicone sealant holding them down.  I can hear the left burner “click” when I push the knob stem, but it doesn’t sound like a strong spark.  I get nothing from the right burner.  
I was able to lift the whole top assembly up.  I think I’ll have to remove the screws from the bottom to see if I can access the controls and try to figure out why I’m not getting spark.  

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Glad that you were able to repair it easily. We love the Seward Princess Gourmet Cook-top. Our coach originally came with a three burner Atwood cook-top which never seem to have a very hot flame. Removed it to the trash and purchased the two burner Princess Gourmet cook-top. Hired a couple of counter tech's to modify the Corian recessed opening so the larger glass top would fit into it.

Atwood Stove-Top-2.JPG

Seaward Princess Gourmet Stove-Top-1.jpg

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