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Generator slide motor

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Hello Rob, I had the very same problem on my '94 signature about 10 years ago (cat stood on switch is my guess). I got lucky and found a used actuator with the same motor on Ebay. But that was when this Thomson Saginaw version motor was more available. I looked for months before finding this on Ebay and took a gamble it would fit. I actually had the OEM's tag on my actuator and was able to contact the manufacturer directly and they told me it was a custom due to its extra length and at the time could sell me one for, if I remember right, for $1,200.00. Needless to say that was when I started looking on Ebay. If I have to do it again, I would look for a motor rewinding shop to rewind the armature. Or, as last resort ,youtube it and rewind it myself.

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Google linear actuator replacement motor.   Or just linear acuator. Lots to choose from.  The wierd drive gear may be your limiting factor.  Replacing the whole thing may be necessary.  A shorter stroke that still allows access for oil check/changes maybe in your future, mine goes out much farther than really necessary.

God Luck

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