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Service Done at Talin RV & Stone Vos, Inc.

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I wanted to post a “shout out” to Chris Throgmartin and his crew at Talin RV and his wife Ingrid at Stone Vos Inc along with all of his staff for the extraordinary outstanding service throughout the few days that I spent at their shop in Brooksville FL this past week.

I booked the appointment specifically to have stainless steel skid plates installed on the outside bottom of the bedroom slide. The thin aluminum was getting scored up by the rollers so it was time to get it done before extensive damage started to occur. However as long as I was going to be there for that I wanted some other stuff taken care of that had been on my to-do for quite some time.

One was when I installed the Stone Vos Patio awning fabric back in 2019 but I could not get a good crimp on the ends at the top aluminum cover. Well over time the ends and fabric stated to pull away from inside the groove. Another item was that I had new fabric for the small kitchen slide topper but I had never taken the time to have it installed. It had been sitting in my garage for a few years. They installed that for me also. Then as long as I was there, I had them remove the rear Omega I Bedroom arm as it had gotten bent inwards many years ago so they straighten that out perfectly. Lastly, I had been having multiple problems with my large roadside salon slide with it sealing tightly along the forward edge. So they looked at that too.

So after they got the fabric and poly cord back into the grooves on the patio awing and put in the proper crimps such that it will NEVER come out again they took the time to reset the alignment of the fabric and arms to ensure that it would close correctly which it never did after my botched up installation job. Then while working on the large slide they first found that the shear bolts nearest the drive motor had over time caused large elongated holes in the square-drive rods creating so much slop that they fixed that first. Then they also discovered that the Roll Spring Pin that secures the cog wheel to drive the front rail had partially sheared causing more slop in the slide. Once those two problems were discovered and repaired the slide now works the best it has in probably the last 10 years.

The two service techs, Dustin and Mike, are two of the best top notch knowledgeable techs I have ever had work on my coach. In the repair process I learned a few new aspects of my coach that I would not have even known about if it wasn’t for Dustin’s experience especially with regards to my large slide.

I highly recommend both Stone Vos Inc & Talin RV when in Florida for your RV service needs. They are expanding in to servicing many different aspects of RV’s depending on what you need.




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I’ll chime in on the exceptional service I received there too.  At a maintenance rally in Indiana a couple of years ago I had my 1995 Monaco Crown Royal Signature measured for replacing all the OEM awning material. I wanted them installed at their Brooksville location when I was in Florida some 6 months later.  When we arrived they were ready for us and installation proceeded quickly and professionally. We stayed over one night to finish up the job and proceeded south to central Florida. After several extremely hot and wet years our awnings still look like new and we’ve received many compliments. The colors have not faded and show no signs of wear. They have withstood several 50 mph wind events both in Florida and Michigan and are seemingly bullet proof. The material is heavier than standard OEM and appear to be able to last for many years to come. 
Stone Vos and Talin are the best. 

Phil and Sharon Madarasz

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Richard, as always it was great to see you and to have the chance to have lunch together. You got to see me eat my first foot long hotdog made with gator meat. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and letting our team work on your coach. I am very proud of Dustin, and Mike as they are amazing Monaco tech's who are OCD and take time to do repairs the right way. The pride they take in their work and their very high standards on repairs is something our customers love. Amy is a rock star and really looks after our customers. I am grateful for the amazing team we have. 

Thanks again Richard. Great seeing you again.

Phil, sorry I missed you during your visit. I do not get into the office much these days. I do make it a point to make a trip in if a member asks to see me.

Thanks again for allowing us to work on your coach. We appreciate you and the trust you placed in our work. Safe travels.

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I would like to add to this thread as well.  We just finished up this morning having all our Girard slide topper fabric replaced and in addition our Girard window awning and door awning fabric replaced.  From start to finish this job was handled wonderfully by Stone Vos, Ingrid getting all the awnings measured, double checked, priced and made.  Then coordinating with TalinRV with Amy, an appointment that worked for both of us.  It was such a breath of fresh air to have excellent communication, clear and precise descriptions, all the way down to an excellent description of when to show up, the night before, exactly where to park, where the place to plug in was and what to expect.  The techs, Dustin and Mike did an excellent job, great attention to detail, answered any questions I had, and got the job finished correctly and ahead of schedule.  The awning material is obviously of great quality and they knew their way around Girard products.  From the quote stage all the way through completion, my hat is off the Stone Vos and Talin RV people.  We have been RVing for a long time and full timing for over 16 years, and as many of you know finding a quality spot for service is almost impossible, I am happy to report we have added another and highly recommend them.

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