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New inverter/charger


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So if this is one of those Chevy/Ford/Dodge things, let me know. 

I’m looking to update our inverter/charger. 


Xantrax Freedom Pro (Xantrax in the Dip still going strong)

Victron Multiplus 2 (can split legs, hybrid, can charge chassis batteries as well from unit)

Magnum is kinda in 3rd expensive for what it does.

Samplex don’t know much 

The hybrids seem great if you are hooked into family/friends 15 amp to use batteries to boost.

Pure/true wave as well for computers

And ability to upgrade down the road. (Solar, lithium) 

Any experience in longevity, customer service, etc



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Magnum has great custoner service.  Their inverters are built here so they also have spare parts and hundreds of service centers.  They will also work with lithium and solar  

Victron is great if you are going to add solar and/or want Bluetooth. 

Xantrex are made over seas.

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I don't know anything about Xantrex and their upgrade path.  Were I you I would look at that.  I have a 2000 watt MSW Magnum and I've looked at replacing it with PSW Magnum and it seems to be a drop-in replacement.  Same footprint, same cables . . . easy to do.  Xantrex may have the same kind of easy upgrade path.


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