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2013 HR Vactioner . I live in AZ and the coach is stored outside uncovered.  We bought the coach in the winter of 2019 and didn't notice the delam until the next summer.  There is a lot of black paint sections and significant delam there due to the sun and the color.  HR says too bad too sad.  Has anyone had the same problem and or luck with Rev to handle this.  HR was owned by Navistar at the time.  Rev says they have no liability and no supporting docs on the coach.

The delam is far to great for small repairs...probably as much as 30 sq. ft in one area alone or more.

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I had that problem 10 years ago. The cause was the factory caulking at the top had dried from being out in the sun for 5 years. Never checked it. Checking the caulking should be another annual maintenance. I'm sure Mr. Throgmartin will be replying soon. He is a good teacher plus a former Marine.

Gary 05 AMB DST

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