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Base Plate Installation

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I am looking for recommendations for having a base plate installed on my new tow vehicle, I have a few shops in mind but wanted to reach out here for any thoughts. We are in the Lady Lake area of central Florida. Thanks in advance for any help, Mike

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3 minutes ago, Corgidad said:

2020 F-150 4x4

Ok. We have. 2019 Raptor that we are thinking about adding an ADD bumper that has Clevis mounts.  (recovery mounts)

I believe it’s blue Ox that has a clevis mount bar used on Jeep’s. 

We like the simplicity of the mounts, and get a cool bumper with lights. 

I haven’t researched it a bunch as wife isn’t convinced yet to let me tow her truck. 


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On 4/20/2021 at 12:11 PM, Dr4Film said:

Hitching Post of Ocala located just off of I-75 freeway.


They specialize in hitches and base-plate installations.

Use my name as reference. They know me well as I have been going there for Aqua-Hot service for the past few years.

Richard thank you for the recommendation, I spoke to Jay and have an appointment on June 9th. Thats the earliest he could get me in so that tells me he does a lot of business. He was great to talk to and answered all my questions. Thank you again, Mike

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