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2004 Monaco Knight-Slide Out Safety Protect

Bob Wightman

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Hello Group,  I have a 2004 Monaco Knight with 8.3 L Diesal Cummings and two slide outs.  The safety protect will not allow you to operate the slide outs with the engine running, however it will allow you drive the coach with the slide outs in the out condition.  This seems odd to me as when we are packing up to come home I like to warm up the big Cummings diesel while we are getting things put away, the last thing I want to do before we leave is to bring in the slide outs...which I have to shut the motor down to do.  I want to bypass that protect circuit so I can bring the slides in with the motor running, and I'm sure I can figure it out, just wondering if anybody else has already done this and could advise if its better to do at the dash or back in the control center.  Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorting out a new to me coach as well. Had two occasions on the 1st trip with her when the main slide would not retract. Someone has by passed bay door and motor run protection circuits on mine. I have to continue to sort mine out because of intermittent dead situations. What they did was jump the wires somehow on the main switch that are different than factory wiring diagram shows for mine?    

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As Owner of Monacoers.org and along with the other Moderators we do not allow, condone, promote or support any post that discusses any methods to restrict, disable or modify any of the factory installed safety devices on the coaches unless these modification were used by Monaco or the Manufacturer to improve functionality and safety of later year coaches and the modification would also be applicable to older model year coaches.  Let's keep the discussion limited to how Monaco or the Manufacturer configured the slide safety systems in later model year coaches that they may be applicable to issues with older  coaches.

While Monaco did make some higher-end coaches that would allow slides to be closed with the engine running, they had additional features such as automatic slide locks that prevented the slides from deploying or creeping out while the coach is in motion.”

“Please use extreme caution when disabling any factory-installed safety devices." 

The Monacoers.org group is for the Technical Support and information for the Members and to promote discussions in the Safe Operation of our Coaches. Our forum does not condone discussions on unapproved modifications to factory installed safety systems.

Any Member can modify, alter or operate their coach as they wish, but when it goes against safety, WHETHER IT IS REMOVING, DISCONNECTING OR ALTERING ANY SAFETY DEVICE OR COMPONENT, we do not support or promote these discussions.  They have no place on this group and they need to be discussed elsewhere.

I appreciate all our Members cooperation in such matters in the future..






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