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Anyone Drop the Rads to get to AC belt?

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AC pump is froze. Anyone drop rear rads/coolers to access? Sorry don’t have side Rads, so if you do, you are blessed 


thanks for any pointers. 

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In my 04 Cayman 34 pdd w/cummins 300 HP I accessed the belt , compressor n adjuster rod from closet engine hatch. Remove the closet slider doors put cushion over track. Take 2 Aleive , chill n it will be done. Lots more work removing Rad draining antifreeze removing  charge cooler, trans cooler. PS reservoir adds about 6-8 hrs to the job. If you choose door 2 and take it all apart then change hoses, Rad n charge cooler, thermostat. Serpentine belt, tensioner etc all hoses on engine about 8 others big n small on mine.

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Posted (edited)

So, I’m not sure, but my AC belt is different than the serpentine belt. 

The serpentine belt will fit over the fan, the compressor belt will not. It’s like an old s school V-belt, about 18-20” in diameter. I believe I have to get the fan off. Here’s a pic, wish my engine was this easy to get to and clean. Oh the side Rads, why did they go away? 

Let me know if I’m off base. I’m late and work and not following along very well 




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