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Coolant/Engine temperature gauge

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I realized this past weekend that the dash gauge in my '03 Executive does not appear to be working. I was scanning gauges and comparing with the TripTec gauges and the gauges displayed on my BlueFire display. TripTex and BlueFire are reporting low 180's and the dash gauge never moves from the lowest temp on the gauge. It is apparent to me that the engine computer knows the temperature but there is probably a mechanical sensor located SOMEWHERE on the coach that has failed. 

Any ideas where to start looking folks?

Ken Wilcox

500hp Cummins 

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I seldom even look at the dash gauges anymore as my SilverLeaf that I have been using since 2010 is my main engine screen. Most of my dash gauges were not that accurate to begin with especially the engine temp gauge. It was off by 20 degrees or more hence the reason I went to the SilverLeaf system.

The only two that I do use and that is rarely are the large Tach and Speed gauges.

I am sure someone with the 500 will chime in.

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Grampy we should get together and compare notes.

my gauges are all over the place I can increase and decrease my engine temp by changing the brightness of my dash lights.

I have been using BlueFire for what I call my true info but some of them work some times and not other times mes on BlueFire.

a buddy has a spare silver leaf cable and I think I am going to hook that up for some comparisons.

My trip Tex is also flakey. 

My guess for both of us is bad grounds. In the dash one of these days in need to tear into it.


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