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Norcold 1200 AC LO


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I have a 2006 HR Endeavor purchased Dec 2020. It has the original Norcold with the recall fix.

It has been working fine with cold fridge and ice cold freezer. No issues while in SC in Feb and Mar nor back home in OH up until last week. 

Prior to last we we were not using air conditioner. Last week we had to run air and the Norcold started throwing AC LO error which is low voltage. This week not running air and no error cod s on Norcold.

I have checked voltage at campground pedestal and at Norcold outlet and both check out fine.

I have not yet tried running the generator with air to see if I get the low voltage error.

Any ideas what might be causing this?


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Measure your AC voltage in the coach, including the fridge AC supply, with the AC on.  The campground supply could be intermittent.  I don't know if the Norcold resets it's low voltage warning once the supply returns to normal.  It might be something as simple as re-inserting some plugs. 

Yes, testing it with the generator could also help troubleshoot the problem.

Good luck,

- bob

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TIA, attached is a Norcold eyebrow reset procedure for a different error code. It has an interesting statement on that failure, "After the second consecutive no cooling fault code, a hardware reset is required to return the refrigerator to service."

I suggest you try the reset procedure in the attached also if your unit is still malfunctioning.


Norcold reset details.pdf

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