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Sharp Carousel R-1850a convection microwave


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I have a Sharp Carousel R-1850a convection microwave in my 1999 monaco diplomat 38a. The plastic bezel around the control panel is all broken in pieces, the selector buttons are broke/fell out and the open button mounting point is broken off. I've googled, searched ebay and called Vison RV salvage for the part and I'm not having any luck. Does anyone have any resources or ideas for finding the part? As a last resort I could replace the unit with a Sharp R1874T for 600 from amazon but I really don't want to spend that much to solve what seems to be a simple problem. 

I've looked here:





last resort if I can't find the plastic parts is to replace the entire unit






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JB Weld?  Tape the front so the seams are even then epoxy the backside . . . add some steel wire or screening for stiffness.  When the epoxy has cured remove the tape.  You'll still see a crack but only if you know it's there.  You could try this as a "next to last" resort. 

10 minutes ago, JDCrow said:

Just took mine out. I can take those parts off and send to you. 

An event better idea!

- bob




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