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Trouble with ABS braking

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I  took my 2001 hoilday rambler ambassador in to have the abs system checked for codes and to replace the abs computer. The garage called today and told me they didn't have the software to talk to my abs computer. They also had trouble locating the abs computer on the motorhome.  According to the garage the computer was suppost to be mounted in the drivers side bay in front of the front tire and it isn't there. They also told me the brake system was a gen 4 bendix system and thats the solfware that would be needed to check for codes. In there defense they only scheduled me for a computer scan so they didn't have a lot of time to look for the location of the computer. Can anyone help with the location of the computer on the motorhome and locating the software needed? I'm going to pick it up and attempt to replace the computer myself because its just pluges in to the  system. After that I want to get the system checked to make sure things are ok. Thanks    

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I don't know how similar your HR might be to our Sig but our ABS ECM is in the ceiling of last storage bay, in front of AH compartment. Anyway,  in my opinion, most everything , if not everything you can do with the software can be done with our push button. The manual should be in downloads section. 

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My ABS board is located in the small bay that the water heater, inverter, transfer switch, and water pump is located.  It is attached to the ceiling and is accessible via the small sliding doors in the next basement bay. 

In my case I have a small diagnostic board located in my front drivers side electrical bay.  It looks like this.  Note that this item is obsolete and the listing is for repair. 


Check your manual there may be a procedure to pull the codes. 

In my case

  1. Turn the key on without starting, wait 3 seconds
  2. Press the brake pedal 1 time
  3. Go outside and press the small black button on the module
  4. There is a small LED bulb on the board that will blink, if you get a 1-1 blink code that means there are no fault codes.



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Yes, I've had trouble with the button multiple time.  The last time I had to remove the button and take the button apart, prying to button out.  The small spring plate was not elevated enough off the contact.  It has 4 small spring "legs".  I slightly bent each leg put it back together and that solved my problem.  

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