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Bedroom Slide Not Working

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Assuming it’s the one with the bed in it, it’s a mechanical gear/track system. I’d check fo 12V power at the switch, assuming there’s no noise when you push it. Switch probably has 6 contacts with middle 2  being power in…+ and ground so you should get a 12v reading with meter or test light without pushing the switch. No 12V there a fuse is blown in the 12V fuse panel, maybe in the Bath room… probably 10 spade fuses in it.

Have 12v & switch pushed, you should have 12v to 2 of the other contacts and push the other way, 12v to the other 2 with reversed polarity on one pair of them, which reversed the motor’s rotation.

If you hear the motor running there’s a replaceable gear that breaks.Good Luck

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Most likely a plastic gear is broken if the noise is not very loud and of the same sound. If it varies there’s a possibility the screws that hold the metal track kave come loose and the gear that moves the slide cannot engage the track. Bigger and slightly longer screws might reattach them.

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The click could be a relay. Slides draw a lot of amps far exceeding the typical switch capability. Relays can handle the slide amps and provide a series locking mechanism that will allow one and only one slide to operate at the same time and there will be a large fuse for that circuit. There may also be a circuit board involved.

Your problem suggests relay, circuit board, wiring or motor. I'd start by checking the motor power. It will have 12 in one switch position and opposite polarity in the other direction. A simple check that isolates electrical vs motor.

Also don't expect fuses to be labeled bedroom, perhaps slide, sf23, lights, etc etc. My FRB has 88 fuses with a variety of labels. 

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On 6/24/2021 at 5:49 AM, powersltc said:

I have looked everywhere and can not find a fuse marked bedroom.   


When the switch is pressed,  there is a sound. 

Click or whirling sound?  If a click it might be bound up or the gear missing teeth.  If whirling sound it is a gear, shear pin or track issue.  BTW, some of the gears are no longer available new and you might have to look for used.  I ran into that case with the 21 tooth Lippert gear.  Found a shop that had an old one in a box in the shop.

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