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Monroe shocks

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Anyone need a pair of new shocks to replace Monroe 66871. I ordered 2 and received 5😆 and Amazon said keep them. free to a good home. Just shipping. I will find out for sure but I am guessing it would be around $20 they are Monroe   M555014

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53 minutes ago, Idoc57 said:

If I am in line for your generous offer, please take my name off the list and let the next guy (I think cbr046) have them.  



Turns out these aren't compatible with 2003 Endeavor / Diplomat chassis.  Mr Keith's Monroes (photo and specs at http://www.monroe.com/en-US/e-catalog/555014/ ) have eyes on both ends and mine are pin type at the top.  *AND* I would need 4 of them for the front axle.  Not sure if mine are original or not, but they are Bilsteins. 

So I defer them to the next next guy in line.

If matching for compatibility be sure you have the right chassis.  RR8R vs RR8S have totally different shock types (pin vs eye).  And having a hard time finding 2003 shocks (but not really something I planned on replacing just yet).  Didn't research RR4R.

Thanks for offering!


- bob

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