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Had some fiberglass damage which has been repaired and now looking for paint codes for my Diplomat 2002. I looked on the driver seat pedestal the sticker is there but no paint codes. The paint on the bottom of coach is what I need to match. Any help would be appreciated  


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I called Veurinks for an unrelated part and a nice lady offered the codes to me without asking. I already had them but it was nice of them. You can try, they seem to have a lot of info per VIN. All 4 colors matched perfectly when mixed with BASF paints per codes. I used a good PPG clear over it and that was disappointing as it got a very slightly yellowish after couple of years but only I can tell it seems.



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I did some damage to one of my compartment doors. I was going to get the paint codes for the shop. They did not want them. As Chuck said in a previous reply, the body did an exact color match based on the current color condition. These guys were good. they matched the three different colors perfect and clear coated the doors on both sides of the damaged door. 

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