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A short while ago I was reading in the digest about our coolant filter and antifreeze and there was something about doing it quick as to the loss of coolant and I thought I've done it twice now and never had any come out. Over the weekend I got my Cummins book out for something else and looked there for coolant recommendations and saw how to change the filter and there is a 1/4 turn stop valve that you rotate from vertical to horizontal . Under I go and sure enough it was there on the horizontal position. I took over doing all that type of service work myself about 20,000 miles ago checked my records and the last shop that did it all was 31,000 miles ago so assuming they did it and not the shop before them I have 31,000 miles with the coolant filter shut off. Last fall before I did the work I got new test strips and my coolant was in range (another thing I learned on this site.) so I continued with the same coolant filter. Anyway I returned it to vertical position started it up and checked for leaks all good there. Anything else I should look for? I hope I got lucky before damage was done it has gone across the country and back like this ran great and no overheating.

Roy 2003 Dynasty  ISL 400


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No damage done other than throwing away unused filters that never did anything while the valve was closed.

As long as the DCA level has been maintained at the proper level plus there should not be a lot of junk in your coolant fluid to filter out.

So all is good!

One word of caution, if the valve is hard to turn on that side then use the one on the oil filter side otherwise you may damage the valve and have to replace it. Two different Speedco's had damaged my coolant filter valve so I had to have Cummins replace it twice.

To use the other side you have to remove the oil filter first.

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Dr4Film, I also have replaced two of the shutoff valves on the front side of the filter. What is the difference between the one on the front and the one on the rear. I have never tried the rear one because of the oil filter.

Frank O

01 Endeavor

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Don't know exactly what the difference is other than the Cummins Service tech who replaced the last one recommended using the end facing the oil filter to turn off the coolant filter IF the one on the other end is stuck or will not move easily. He claims that the shut-off on the oil filter end is beefier and closer to the actual fluid flow opening.

I now caution anyone who is doing service on my engine that if the one end will not move easily DO NOT FORCE IT. Use the turn off on the oil filter end.

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