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Adding a 2nd Inverter

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Just got back from a trip where I had problem with my RV2012 inverter. Still have not figured out what is going on, the inverter would work but it would not charge the batteries. I have some solar but not enough to keep up with the residential refrigerator I recently installed and misc draws even if I limit usage. Driving the coach would charge the batteries so I was able to get my doing that.

I now know that having one inverter can cause problems so I am contemplating adding a second inverter that has charge capability. This one had been recommended on another forum. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274876689397 The advantage of this inverter is that it would also serve as a charger when either running the generator or on shore power. This would give me 2 charging sources and I can use the refrigerator circuit to provide power to the refrigerator. Another benefit is that I can shut the other inverter down when not using any of those circuits and conserve batteries.

I am doing some work on the coach and think it would be convenient to do this now. My electrical distribution system is in the bedroom where I have the main service panel, inverter panel, and 12 volt distribution. I have a large cabinet that use to house an analog TV that I can mount the inverter and have easy access to the other panels. Behind these panels is the 12 volt supply from the house battery's, it appears like the wire is a 4 awg connection stud along with a ground stud. I could run a ~3' piece of cable to the inverter and pull 120 volt wire for the refrigerator circuit from the main service panel. Again a pretty easy install.

My question
Is it OK to use the existing 12 volt studs that would provide power to/from the inverter for both inverting and charging, the current wire is protected by a circuit breaker and ties back into the main 12 volt distribution system next to the battery bank. This circuit is currently controlled by the salesman switch so it can be switched when not in use.

Second question
Also contemplating adding additional solar, can I used the same 12 volt & ground studs to charge the batteries with solar or would this cause a problem. Do I need to run separate wires all the way back to the batteries, which would be a little more difficult but doable.

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My 2002 Windsor has a main service panel and a subpanel just for the inverted circuits.  The subpanel has labels for what it powers.  In my case it powers all the outlets in the coach and basement except one outlet behind the refrigerator. 

There is a separate breaker for the refrigerator, Microwave, Kitchen outlets, bathroom outlets.  and the outlet by the passenger side seat. 

If your subpanel is not labeled just turn them all off, plug a radio into the outlet in doubt and start flipping breakers and listen for the radio. 


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